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[学术活动]RBF collocation methods for the solution of fourth order boundary value problems
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[学术活动]A-FEM for Fatigue Life and Residual Strength of Fatigue Composite Laminates under Cyclic Loading
报告时间:2019-06-06 15:00    阅读次数:709
[学术活动]A-FEM for High Fidelity Progressive Damage Analysis of Composite Laminates under Monotonic Loading
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[学术活动]An Efficient Augmented Finite Element Method for Arbitrary Cracking and Crack Interaction in Solids
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[学术活动]创源大讲堂:AI, Big Data, and Data Science(人工智能,大数据,数据科学)
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[学术活动]Advances in Computer Vision–based Civil Infrastructure Inspection and Monitoring
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[学术活动]Dynamical Integrity: A Step after Stability
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