China and the Global Economy

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报告人:Andrew Farlow




报告题目:China and the Global Economy

主讲人:英国牛津大学高级研究员Andrew Farlow

主要内容:Green building is a development trend of current construction industry. The global economy is in the midst of economic upheaval, with the risk of financial, economic, political, and social instability. This lecture, by a leading expert on the 2008 financial crash, will explore what went wrong, and what is still going wrong, with the economic models and policies adopted before and after that crash. It will discuss the contemporary situation in the US, China, Russia, the EU (notably with Brexit), and emerging economies. It will examine the changing shape of world trade, globalisation, and protectionism, and discuss how policy-makers should respond. In seeking the potential causes of, and ways to avoid, the next crash, it will investigate: the rise of debt and its ability to cause financial instability; the impact of central bank policies on financial markets; recent financial innovations (such as Bitcoin) and their potential to create financial bubbles; and new ways for financial instabilities to start and spread. It will open up a debate about how we, and especially China, must act if we wish to create a more prosperous and stable world. The lecture will introduce the forthcoming Chinese edition of Andrew Farlow’s book ‘Crash and Beyond’.


Andrew Farlow is an economist, educated at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, with wide interests in macroeconomics, finance, banking, new technology, and health. His highly inter-disciplinary, policy-orientated approach is reflected in the series of cross-disciplinary research projects he has led or co-led at Oxford and his positions: currently Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School (Oxford’s interdisciplinary school), and, previously, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Zoology (Spatial Ecology and Epidemiology Group), Senior Research Fellow at the Sa?d Business School, and Research Fellow at Oriel College. He teaches students preparing for their final examination paper in Money and Banking and in specialist topics in macroeconomics, and he lectures on the economic components of Oxford’s programmes in Global Health, in Public Health and Policy, and in Human and Veterinary Vaccinology. His entrepreneurial approach to academic research has led him to work on financial and banking-system crisis and crashes, speculative bubbles, property market instability, macroeconomic policy,‘innovative’ health financing, new health technologies, health systems (especially in extremely resource poor settings), malaria, TB, pandemic flu, the impact of the environment and the health of the planet on human health (‘planetary health’), and infectious disease-outbreak detection and prevention.